Fromagerie François Olivier

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Fromagerie François Olivier

Olivier: a must-eat during your stay at the hotel

François Olivier: the Master

François OLIVIER, an exceptional cheese refiner, offers a tasty journey through Normandy. This lover of taste selects the cream of the cream, the must of the must: camembert from the Auge and Cotentin regions made from raw milk, livarot from Thébaut, farmhouse pont-l'évêque, gros coeur or double bonde from Neufchâtel... No one can resist these tasty treasures. Gourmet travellers, take your baskets, you are in for a treat!

Found at: The François Olivier cheesemonger is just a few minutes away from our ACE Hotel Rouen.

Fromagerie François Olivier
40 rue de l'Hopital
76000 ROUEN