Armada and Normandy Impressionist: two events not to be missed

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Armada and Normandy Impressionist: two events not to be missed

Armada: a must-see during your stay in our hotel

Rouen: the city of great events

Inspiring and lively, the capital of Normandy where our hotel is located, offers two major events not to be missed under any circumstances! Check your diaries now, there may still be time to plan your stay in Rouen.

The first event is for art lovers, the Normandy Impressionist Festival. This major event, born in 2010, celebrates one of the major currents in the history of art: Impressionism. Normandie Impressionniste has become one of the major artistic events in France. Rouen becomes an open-air workshop and offers numerous programmes and events to (re)discover the great works of Monet, Sisley, Pissaro, Caillebotte...

The second event is for lovers of the sea: the famous Armada. An international event, it brings together the most beautiful boats in the world. Majestic sailing ships, civil ships and military giants call at the quays and offer a dazzling spectacle. A wind of madness blows over the city and in this sensational tumult, everyone is thrilled by the exuberant flamboyance of the sails hoisted by all these crews ready to conquer the world.

With family, friends or as a couple, "Rouen Armada" and "Rouen Impressionist" make Rouen an unmissable destination.

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